Finally, The Narrows!

With its iconic rock walls and luminescent water, The Narrows hike in Zion National Park had long been on my must-list. I finally got there in the fall of 2015, and my most yearned-for hike did not disappoint!

Pure Flagstaff!

In Arizona, there are few combinations that are more enticing than Flagstaff and autumn. Covered with massive stands of aspens, Flagstaff’s San Francisco Peaks literally glow in the fall.

What I learned during 2 days in Yosemite: The do’s and don’ts

With just two days to explore Yosemite, I needed to be strategic. I ended up taking in almost all of the amazing sights I set out to see, and I learned a few things along the way.

10 reasons traveling is better when you’re old(er)

I’ve always been a bit of a travel addict, but now that I’m older, I think I enjoy myself even more. There are plenty of reasons why.