The long way round

On a recent winter Saturday, I took the “long way round” from Prescott, Arizona to the mountainside community of Jerome. It offered a whole new perspective!

Above the snow line

In the mile-high city of Prescott, Arizona, I don’t often get the chance to walk through fresh powder. So, when the opportunity arose recently, I jumped at it and headed to snow-covered Mingus Mountain. The result: A stunning hike.

Winter wonderland – Sedona style

In my humble opinion, Sedona, Arizona is among the most – if not THE most – beautiful spots in the world. On a recent winter Sunday, I headed there and found temps in the 60s, stunningly blue skies, and of course, the main attraction – gorgeous rocks of red.

Ginger beer, cider, and wine – oh my!

I love a good crawl, and one of the best I’ve done lately is through Capitol Hill in Seattle, Washington. The quirky neighborhood offers plenty of choices in some of my favorite beverages – ginger beer, cider, and wine.

Big plans in 2016: My travel resolutions

About eight months ago, I had a brilliant idea: Why not parlay my co-loves of travel and writing into a travel blog? Wow, how original, right? Little did I know that thousands – perhaps hundreds of thousands –… Read More

My adventures as a “tourcal” – that happy confluence of tourist and local

I love nothing more than exploring a new city – sometimes as a pure tourist, and sometimes, when I’m lucky, as a combination tourist/local. (Hence, my made-up word: Tourcal). Recently, I did the “tourcal” thing in Seattle, Washington.