9 National Park Knockouts

Even though U.S. National Parks are largely closed over the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s National Park Week and time to celebrate America’s finest.

1 rainy weekend = 11 Los Angeles lessons

After years of taking an annual trip on my birthday, I’m well aware that travel in February comes with some built-in pluses and minuses. A major plus: Cheaper airfares and hotel rates. And the obvious minus: The weather… Read More

Greatest hiking ‘hits’ of 2018

From trudging through snowy-white sand in New Mexico’s 90-degree autumn weather to venturing deep into the shady woods of central Czech Republic, my hikes of 2018 were varied, to say the least. Also unique this year was my… Read More

Coronado Island – a little slice of beach heaven

The Spanish explorers obviously knew a good thing when they saw it. When 17th century explorer Sebastian Vizcaino happened upon the sandy strand that juts into the Pacific Ocean off the southern-California coast, he promptly named it Coronado,… Read More

San Francisco: A treat – even in the rain

You know that feeling you get when you return to a place you love? You know exactly what you want to do, and you’re excited to get started? That’s how I felt on my most recent trip to… Read More

A day at Newport Beach, aaaahhhh

I’ve spent my entire life land-locked – first on the Great Plains, and later in the mountains of Northern Arizona. While I’ve loved them both, I have a secret confession: I’m an ocean girl at heart. In my… Read More

What I learned during 2 days in Yosemite: The do’s and don’ts

With just two days to explore Yosemite, I needed to be strategic. I ended up taking in almost all of the amazing sights I set out to see, and I learned a few things along the way.

Adding a little “spice” to the road

I like to mix it up when I travel. Luxurious 5-star one night; spartan tent cabin the next. On my recent solo road trip from Arizona to Sonoma, California, via Las Vegas and Yosemite, I had plenty of opportunity for variety.

10 reasons San Francisco has spoiled me for every other city

Over the years, I’ve had plenty of infatuations with beautiful cities. I fell hard for Amsterdam, with its lovely canals and spirited street scene. I loved the energy and air of self-importance of New York City. Rome took… Read More