San Francisco: A treat – even in the rain

You know that feeling you get when you return to a place you love? You know exactly what you want to do, and you’re excited to get started? That’s how I felt on my most recent trip to… Read More

It’s your birthday! The perks of traveling on your big day

“Are you traveling alone?” the Canadian customs agent asked me sternly. “No, I’m traveling with my son and daughter-in-law,” I answered, pointing to the young couple talking to a nearby agent. Looking at my passport, he asked, “What… Read More

Adding a little “spice” to the road

I like to mix it up when I travel. Luxurious 5-star one night; spartan tent cabin the next. On my recent solo road trip from Arizona to Sonoma, California, via Las Vegas and Yosemite, I had plenty of opportunity for variety.

10 reasons San Francisco has spoiled me for every other city

Over the years, I’ve had plenty of infatuations with beautiful cities. I fell hard for Amsterdam, with its lovely canals and spirited street scene. I loved the energy and air of self-importance of New York City. Rome took… Read More

Girls’ trips – a lot to love

I know, I know – girls’ trips have become so commonplace that they’re practically clichéd. On a recent flight to San Francisco with two of my friends, we overheard the women in the row of seats behind us… Read More